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Loft Conversions Proposed Rules.

Under the the Government's proposals for householder permitted development, specific restrictions are proposed for loft and roof extensions and the current rule allowing householders to add space to their homes without planning permission if it is within 15 per cent of the total volume of the property and a maximum of 70 square metres will be scrapped. The Government Consultation Paper sets out the Government's proposals for changes to the planning system in relation to householder permitted development. Permitted development is development that can be undertaken without the need for a planning application to be submitted to the local planning authority.

The Government's Response to the massive Campaign by Building Industry to reconsider its plans are as follows:

The Government wants householders to be able to create additional living space in lofts so long as the extensions do not have an undue impact on neighbours and the wider street scene.

The Government therefore intends to retain the current volume approach, allowing a loft extension of 40 cubic metres for terraced houses and 50 cubic metres for semi-detached and detached houses. However, there will be a requirement that an extension must start a minimum of 0.2 metre above the eaves. This is to maintain the visual appearance of a roof line. Where local planning authorities foresee problems of adverse impact from application of the national rules they will be able to restrict development by using Article 4 Directions. The other detailed limits for roof extensions that will be allowed without the need for specific planning permission are:

. No extension beyond the plane of the existing roof slope fronting the highway

. No extension to be higher than the ridge

. Materials to match the existing house

. No raised terraces, verandas or balconies

. Side facing windows to be obscu re-glazed; top opening allowed

Planning permission will be required in designated areas

The Government intends to consult separately on this issue of Basements at a later date.

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