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Kingspan Insulation LtdKingspan Insulation Ltd.

Kingspan Insulation is a Division of Kingspan Group plc, one of Europe 's fastest growing building materials manufacturers. Kingspan Group plc was formed in 1970 and is a publicly quoted group of companies with its headquarters in Kingscourt, County Cavan , Ireland . Kingspan Insulation is consequently able to draw on the many resources and support of a focused, innovative group.

Kingspan Insulation offers the widest range of building fabric insulation products available from any UK or Irish manufacturer .

Insulation Product


Kingspan Kooltherm ®

Premium performance CFC / HCFC -free rigid phenolic insulation

Kingspan Therma

High performance CFC / HCFC -free rigid urethane insulation

Kingspan Styrozone

High performance rigid extruded polystyrene insulation for specialist applications

Kingspan Purlcrete

High Performance Rigid Extruded Polystyrene Insulation With A Cementitious Topping For Lightweight Protected Membrane Roofs

The Kingspan Kooltherm® K-range is an extensive range of premium performance rigid phenolic insulation products for roofs, walls and floors, which are ideal for use in Loft Conversions. Rigid phenolic insulation offers the following benefits:

  • With a thermal conductivity of 0.021-0.024 W/m.K rigid phenolic insulation is the most thermally efficient insulation product commonly available.
  • Utilises the thinnest possible insulation board to achieve required U-values.
  • Fire performance can be equivalent to mineral fibre.
  • Achieves a Class O / Low Risk fire rating to the Building Regulations / Standards
  • Achieves the best possible rating of <5% smoke obscuration when tested to BS 5111: Part 1: 1974.
  • Its closed cell structure resists both moisture and water vapour ingress - problems which can be associated with open cell materials such as mineral fibre and which can result in reduced thermal performance.
  • Unaffected by air movement - problems that can be experienced with mineral fibre and which can reduce thermal performance.
  • Safe and easy to install - masks are not required, as there is no dust or irritable fibres.
  • Provide reliable long term thermal performance over the lifetime of the building.
  • CFC / HCFC -free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential.

The range includes:

  • Kingspan Kooltherm ® K3 Floorboard
  • Kingspan Kooltherm ® K7 Pitched Roof Board
  • Kingspan Kooltherm ® K8 Cavity Board
  • Kingspan Kooltherm ® K12 Framing Board
  • Kingspan Kooltherm ® K18 Insulated Dry-lining Board

Kooltherm K3 Floorboard
Kooltherm ® K3 Floorboard

Kooltherm K7 Pitched Roof
Kooltherm ® K7 Pitched Roof Board

Kooltherm K8 Cavity Board
Kooltherm ® K8 Cavity Board
Kooltherm  K12 Framing Board
Kooltherm ® K12 Framing Board

Kooltherm  K18 Insulated Dry-lining Board
Kooltherm ® K18 Insulated Dry-lining Board


Full details and downloadable pdfs about the Kingspan Kooltherm ® K- range and other Kingspan Insulation products can be found on their website:



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