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Builder SecretsBuilder Secrets Exposed was first published as an e-book in 2002 and is now in its 4th edition (updated Jan 2007). It has helped 1000+ homeowners through the many pitfalls of employing a builder.

It includes a small works and a large works building contract, both of which can be printed and used as many times as required for life.

This is no small bonus as other building contracts purchased online require your information to be entered so that the details of you and your builder are already in the contract when you print it off. This means of course that you have a contract for this year's new extension but you will need to buy another one for next years new roof/ boundary wall/ driveway etc. With Builder Secrets Exposed on your computer you can just print the required contract again and fill in the details of your new work and builder.

At just over 100 pages it's packed with plenty of hints, tips and advice on how to make sure your extension is done at the best price, finished on time and with as little aggravation as possible. For instance:

How to find out if your plans will get approved before you apply, thereby saving you both time and money.

How to get the busy, reputable builders to be desperate to win your job by asking them the right questions and how to get the cowboys running for the hills with the same questions.

How to negotiate a substantial discount after you get your quotes and how to save even more money if you are prepared to put in a few hours leg work.

The above examples are just a few of the many subjects covered. You can see a full chapter list at http://www.building-contract.co.uk

Written by a builder with over 20 years experience in the home improvement sector, the book also gives you an insight from the builder's perspective and explains what your builder hopes you do as opposed to what you will actually do. By giving you an understanding of the work from your builder's point of view the author hopes to show you how to keep stress levels down to a minimum by avoiding potential conflicts.

At just £19.95 this e-book costs less than many online companies charge for a one off building contract and even comes with a 100% no quibble money back guarantee. You can download your building contracts and e-book at http://www.building-contract.co.uk

Exclusive House Extension Offer. Enter "house-extension" (without the quotes) when asked if you have a coupon code and get a 10% discount.


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